Our National Championship will ran across several of the MCUI short circuit events throughout 2021, with a Mondello Moto 400 Championship also to be ran as part of the Dunlop Masters Series. Once short circuit event dates have been announced we will have more details of when and where our events will be hosted.

National Moto 400 Championship:

To be compiled from results of selected rounds of the USBK and Dunlop Masters Series Championships. We endevour to keep our rounds evenly distributed over the race season and across all circuits. End of season Trophies for the top 3 competitors (including cash prizes) and also awards for best newcomer and best team.

Mondello Moto 400 Championship:

To be ran by Mondello Park as part of their Dunlop Masters Series as a support class. End of season Trophies for the top 3 competitors.

Championship Awards:

National Moto 400 - All Moto 400 Club members

Mondello Moto 400 - All Moto 400 Club members and any other race entrants


Moto 400 Team - Award for best Team

Moto 400 Newcomer - Most championship points scored by new licence holder club member in the National Moto 400 Championship

All race results as declared by the official timekeepers. Amendments will be made when any official sanctions occur due to disciplinary actions. Awards to be presented at end of season.